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Public Transport Challenges

WIFI and CCTV were installed on Trains, Trams, and Buses in many cities to combat vandalism and threatening behavior, however, the problem persists. One of the issues is the difficulty if a driver calls the police or security services for assistance. The driver must identify the people involved to the police, and if the incident goes to court, they can become the target of harassment.

Additionally, when the CCTV footage from the bus is needed, the vehicle often needs to be taken out of service while the hard drive is removed to recover the information or while the footage downloaded; this work typically involves the use of a qualified technician.

The Solution

In the event of an incident:

  • The driver activates a Panic Button.
  • An alarm triggers at a central monitoring station where the live video feed automatically presents on screen along with a video loop of the 30 seconds before the button was pressed.

From here on the driver is no longer responsible:

  • The control room has the live feed from the relevant cameras.
  • Control room contacts the emergency services if needed.
  • Control room staff capture the incident and if necessary send on full video and snapshots of the people involved to the authorities.
  • A report is automatically generated in real time capturing all information received and all actions taken.
  • Should it become necessary, the security personnel in the control room can anonymously act as a Court witness.

The Benefits

  • The driver is no longer responsible for escalating the reporting of any incident
  • Unions are happier not to have their members put in a compromising situation
  • Police are given the critical information they need without any delay
  • No need to take a bus out of service to download CCTV
  • Criminals knowing that they are identifiable without delay may reduce their activity
  • Passengers feeling of safety increases encouraging more use of the network.
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