Cash-in-Transit Challenges

Cash-in-Transit has always been a difficult challenge from a security perspective, as these vehicles are constantly being targeted by criminals as they see them as easy targets, even with blue/green ink as a deterrent.

Even with the use of 3/4G modems on board, provid- ing connectivity for tracking and vehicle telematics systems there has not been the ability for secure remote control of cameras, door locks, ignition, and other onboard equipment. There has also not been the ability to track and secure individual cash boxes. Remote-IP cash in transit solutions changes all this and offers a complete turnkey solution to cash in transit operators across the board.

The Solution

Remote IP is currently working with one of Europes largest suppliers of Cash-in-Transit services to supply a live, encrypted, CCTV system to their fleet of vehicles.

This installation provides the following benefits:

  • Control room can monitor 360 degrees outside and inside the vehicle at all times.
  • The driver can watch the live body-worn cameras of their team during delivery, to ensure they have a safe passage to and from the vehicle.
  • Digital signatures and scanning are now possible while in transit.
  • In the event of an incident, the control room can make a more informed decision.
  • Live images or a detailed description can be transmit- ted without delay to the authorities for immediate response and accurate direction.
  • The opening of doors and safes can now be controlled from the base using a secure connection.
  • Remote engine control in the case of a vehicle hi-jack.
  • Canbus monitoring is available to alert the fleet
    owners service bay of necessary maintenance before
    the vehicles return.
  • Ability to make a secure SIP call over the Remote IP
    tunnel to the cab and guards.
  • Ability to put cameras into the cashboxes which in
    turn connect to vehicle.

The Benefits

  • Huge amount of control over the vehicle without a driver or guard input
  • Can transfer live video from the vehicle to 3rd party control rooms such as Police, etc
  • Remote control of the vehicle engine and locking systems.


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