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Aerospace Challenges

As has been widely reported, a small number of the airline’s staff were involved in people smuggling within certain airlines. Catering vehicles were used to move “illegal passengers” from the aircraft  to the airport fence-line to illegally enter the country.

The Airline industry is also looking for an alternative or addition to the Black-Box.

One of the most significant onboard losses for the airline is due to the inability to have credit cards checked when in the air. They are not insured with the banks for any fraudulent transactions where these occur offline.

The Solution

Ground Handling

A large international airline contracted Remote-IP to provide a secure, live, CCTV system to each of their catering trucks. This allows them to not only monitor the cameras mounted internally and externally to the trucks but also to listen to the staff working in the vehicles and Geo-locate the vehicles at all times.

This has now opened the door to numerous other handling companies on rolling out a live CCTV connection on all bus transfers to and from aircraft also.

Aircraft monitoring and connectivity

With the Remote-IP Secure Tunnel, we can provide a live video feed from aircraft at 35,000 feet using their Satellite connection.

If a Panic button is activated, our system will send a live feed and a delayed feed. 20 seconds or a minute before the button pressed to see what led to the need for assistance.
This alert can be manual or automatic. (rapid drop in altitude, cockpit door opening, Facial recognition, etc.)

Real time payment processing

With our Secure Data Tunnel on aircraft, millions can be saved each year.

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