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What Is A Static Or Fixed IP Address?

A static or fixed IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer when it connects to the internet. Any sites you visit will be able to see and even collect your static or fixed IP address. It also normally determines where you are located in the world. Your static or fixed IP address would normally be given to you by your broadband ISP and can not be moved between your providers. Until now!

Live Streaming Transmission

Remote IP delivers unique solutions for mobile video and data recording as well as live streaming utilising the Remote IP SmartIP VPN Tunnelling technology and services which uses a proprietory communications platform.

The connection can be established over Fixed lines, wireless, GPRS, 3G, 4G and Satellite connectivity links to provide the most versatile media transmission connections possible to ensure data availability when it counts.

The use of 3G & 4G provides increased bandwidth and faster updates which facilitates near real-time streaming of both high and low definition images, video and data may be streamed simultaneously over the VPN tunnel.

Video Imaging

Remote IP can provide hardware which enables local recording and remote transmission of HD & SD video using IP or analogue camera technologies.

Our systems also enables the use of secure WiFi cameras to be used within rage of a vehicle or Peli case based recorder system, and as the IP cameras feature audio this too can be
recorded and reviewed remotely from operator control rooms or supporting response vehicles.

Ruggedised Hardware

Our ruggedised vehicle and mobile Peli case mounted recorder systems feature hybrid functionality allowing the incorporation of both IP and analogue cameras, with GPS tracking allowing accurate locational information to be gathered along with date and time stamps. The hardware systems support both wired and secure WiFi camera connectivity allowing the central recording and or streaming of bodyworn and their audio streams.

Our hardware can accommodate camera resolutions of up to 2MB per channel with ruggedised units available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel versions.

Device Control

Our hardware is capable of controlling remotely activated equipment such as in vehicle safes, door locks, etc which may be used to store high value goods, cash or even firearms, the same system can be used for disabling and enabling vehicle functionality.

Networked Review Capabilities

Remote IP can provide a variety of control room software applications which are capable of providing review, control and remote management of connected equipment with duplex audio capabilities. These capabilities are confined to single remote fixed locations, our integrated systems allows secure bi-directional connectivity from suitably equipped vehicles or smartphone applications.

  • Emergency Services
  • Cash in transit services
  • Prisoner transportation
  • Courier services
  • Social protection workers
  • Lone workers
  • Maritime monitoring
Differentiating Factors
  • Secure VPN tunnel
  • Data acceleration
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Live and recorded streaming
  • Bi-directional PTT audio or full duplex
  • Wi-Fi enabled bodyworn camera supported
  • Ruggedised case and vehicle based systems
  • Provided as a cloud managed system

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