Cloud Managed Wireless

Cloud managed wireless service that allows the creation of next generation fully managed Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless broadband services in an easy, fast and customisable way thanks to an intuitive Radius AAA back end and a clever captive portal system, all managed by our network access management platform.

The system allows managed services providers, value added resellers and other partners to deliver their own secure. legally compliant, monitored and 24/7 supported services using our multi-tenanted advanced cloud platform, admin portal users to manage their own systems and networks from any location via an the Internet.

From hotspot management to password provisioning our platform puts YOU in the driving seat of your own cloud managed wireless networks.

Centralised Network Management

You can set up and configure all your internet connected devices (Routers Switches Access Points etc) from one simple to use cloud managed system. Our platform is a completely modular system and allows the client to choose the modules that suit their needs best.

Multi-Tenanted Platform

Our Remote IP platform has a hierarchical management system. This means you can appoint an administrator at the company’s HQ to control the WiFi network centrally. The administrator can then appoint other admin users with lower user permissions regionally, so they can manage the company’s WiFi at a local level.

Captive Portal Page Management

The captive portal page management module gives you the opportunity to customise your Wi-Fi login pages. This page can also be used to both enhance your brand and give you the choice to promote an event or offer. We also provide a unique QiFi Portal page which allows you to ask your users to complete a short survey in return for free WiFi access, you can then view the data.

We also provide the ability of having a landing and redirection pages before and after our splash authentication pages respectively.

Tariff Management Module

Our Tariff Management Module provides the ability to charge for the use of wireless access be it pre-paid vouchers or users paying through one of our supported payment gateways.

Generate revenue from the provision of WiFi services. You can offer pre paid vouchers or use one of our payment gateways to process payments into your own bank account not ours. Our system has built in a powerful rating module capable of measuring and charging service consumption in real time (e.g. pre-paid and post-paid services, data transfer allocations, bandwidth management, vouchers etc.).


The reporting engine is a powerful tool to derive business intelligence from real time and historical Wi-Fi analytics. It can aggregate, analyze and create custom reports based on data collected across the Wi-Fi network. A vast amount of information is available.

They include demographic data (age, gender, location, contact details), behavioral data (when users log in, how long they stay, how many times they log in, what device they use, etc.).

Learning about online users provides a real boost to the business. Demographic information, for example, can be used to perform effective Wi-Fi marketing campaigns delivering targeted contents (e.g. coupons) to online users.

Cloud Controller

The interactive Control Panel enables the cloud management of wireless services at each level (MSP, Tenant, WiFi Area Owner). The Control Panel is developed and optimized for several devices (laptops, tablets and smart phones) to simplify daily operations.

Cloud Delivered

Hardware agnostic approach
The system is hosted in hosted cloud infrastructure assuring a fast set up of the initiative without any local installation and configuration and, at the same time, guaranteeing high-levels of reliability and security.

Our systems are located in data centres in the UK, Germany, US and Australia.

Vendor Agnostic

The managed wireless system is a vendor agnostic solution fully integrated with the most popular vendors of access and network devices, and firmware. This ensures the maximum flexibility in the selection of Wi-Fi vendors with a considerable reduction of up-front investments and operational costs.

We also supply a small range of OEM hardware allowing our value added resellers to supply a “white label” product and service.

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