Cloud Device Provisioning

No need for complex IP end point provisioning or setups
  • Expensive local hardware controllers? No need for them as the controller is now in the cloud.
  • Local software installed on local hosts in every location? No need for them either.
  • Configure complex VPNs, port forwarding, Public IP’s, DNS, etc? No need for them too.
  • Complex encryption, this is not needed either as our platform generates encryption keys on the fly!
Our platforms can be used for a multitude of different IP end point devices, such as:
  • Wired and wireless routers
  • Cellular modems and routers
  • xDSL modems
  • VoIP Handsets
  • VoIP Gateways
  • Smart Meters
  • M2M / SCADA devices
  • Telemetry equipment
  • Embedded applications

Once setup for use with us, the devices will auto connect to our cloud managed platform and you will be able to monitor and manage them remotely.

Users can even do the first configuration through the platform using our clever redirection and zero touch provisioning feature.

Bring Your Network & Manage All Your IP Devices Centrally

Manage all your IP end points through a single secure central system with straightforward control panel.

You can change the passwords of all your devices, manage all SSID’s on wireless routers, change the VPN pass through settings, manage the amount data used on cellular modems on both pay as you go and post pay sim cards, alert your management team when devices stop sending heartbeats (where applicable), and much, much more.

Check Device Health In Real-Time!

Our system monitors the health of all devices, so if an router goes down, you’ll receive an email alert and will be able to check its status in seconds through the dashboard. No more VPNs and manual pings.

Security And Reliability

Our system architecture and communication protocols have been designed by our engineers in order to provide extreme levels of security and reliability.

There is a complete separation between client’s traffic and end point management traffic, which is sent through a secure 256bit SSL encrypted VPN tunnel.

All our domains are certified and the device agent authenticity is granted by a code-signing certificate each time a device such as a router connects to our platform.

Custom certificate signing can also be added if your an equipment vendor, please contact us for further information about adding your devices to our platforms!

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