Remote IP Limited offers a unique solution for mobile video, data recording, and live streaming.

Our “Secure Data Tunnel” technology and service, creates a novel and proprietary communications platform.

The remote IP solution at the core provides remotely managed endpoints which delivers several features and benefits as follows:

  • Provision of fixed ip addresses and or ports on the endpoint locations accessible remotely.
  • Speed up, optimize, and remotely manage WAN connections anywhere.
  • Provision of secure vpn tunnelling with various protocols based on environment.
  • Provision of clever compression, QoS and acceleration specifically for voice and video.
  • Can work on any bearer anywhere, including mobile and satellite connections.
  • Can also incorporate a hotspot module in one firmware build if required.
  • The solution is hardware independent, and works on a variety of manufacturer hardware including several makes of dual SIM 4G modem routers, etc.
  • Can provide IPv4 to IPv6 IP address translation and vice versa.
  • Outbound traffic can be assigned different fixed IP addresses or can be dynamically and randomly changed as required.
  • Specifically designed to provide live accelerated video from moving vehicles, trucks, planes, etc, and other remote and unmanned locations.
  • Acts as an edge gateway to allow organisations to extend their own private networks out to remote locations.

The solutions establishes a secure connection over fixed lines, wireless, GPRS, 3G, 4G and Satellite (K-Band), our technology ensures data availability when it counts; providing the most versatile media transmission connection possible.

Video and data can be streamed simultaneously within the Secure Data Tunnel which compresses and accelerates the transmission. Increasing available bandwidth and faster updates, allow near real-time streaming of both high and low-definition images.

Remote IP provide a range of niche market cloud managed products and services to a wide range of sectors.

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