Roaming secure data tunnel users

Captive Portal “Pass Through” Application for roaming users

Several corporate customers have approached Remote IP with a view to resolving a known problem that exists for their and many other customers roaming laptop users, whose devices are locked down to only connect to their internal systems via a specified Secure Data Tunnel connection. Remote IP understand this to be a CESG requirement.

The Problem
Government laptops and other devices are typically configured to only allow an internet connection to and via a managed Secure Data Tunnel gateway. This important client device configuration protects against network based attacks of official data in line with CESG rules.

However, this configuration prevents a connection to public and private Wi-Fi hotspots where a captive portal is in use to register visiting devices and users in line with EU and other regulations.

The Solution
The only other solution would be to have a small application running on a device capable of connection to both 3G (later 4G) connections as well as public and private Wi-Fi that utilise captive portal technology such as an Android smart phone or tablet. We have titled this solution as a “Pass Through” mobile application.

The Android device with the “Pass Through” application running on it will allow a user to connect to an open SSID and launch a new browser session on that device, then authenticate through the captive portal. As soon as a connection is established, the user will be informed that a connection is available and they will be able to connect their laptop to the Android device via a USB to Micro USB cable.

A laptop device will then be permitted to establish a connection with the Android device.

Once a connection is established, then the Secure Data Tunnel client can be started in the normal way.

The application running on the device should block the user from using any other function on the device, the connectivity can only be controlled by the “Pass Through” application running on it.

How does Remote IP work for you?

While we are moving on from the worse days of COVID lockdowns, many employees are deciding to continue to work remotely. The Remote IP - Remote Connect securely lets the remote worker logon to the company network.