A fixed IP roaming across all communication platforms.


All data travels on an encrypted connection of a minimum of 128bit and up to 2028bit where necessary.


Designed for transmission on high latency, low bandwidth networks.

Live Streaming Transmission

Remote IP offers a unique solution for mobile video, data recording, and live streaming. Our Secure Data Tunnel technology and services establish a connection over all forms of communication.

Our technology ensures data availability when it counts – providing the most versatile media transmission connections possible.  Video and data can be streamed simultaneously over the Secure Data Tunnel in real-time.

Remote IP - Vehicle Network

Secure Data Tunnel

Our Secure Data Channel compresses and accelerates the data transmission, by providing a fixed IP address, to allow connection to secure networks on a moving vehicle. Port Policy also provides access to multiple devices on a moving vehicle through our sure and accelerated tunnel.

Remote Device Control

A fixed IP with port policy is capable of controlling remotely activated equipment, such as in-vehicle safes, door locks etc. which maybe used to store high value goods, cash or even firearms. The same system can disable or enable vehicle functionality.

Video Imaging and Private VoIP

Remote IP software allows for simultaneous local recording and remote transmission of HD & SD video using IP or analogue camera technologies. IP cameras featuring audio can be recorded and reviewed remotely from operator control rooms or supporting response vehicles.

Remote IP provide a range of niche market cloud managed products and services to a wide range of sectors.

Networked Review Capabilities

Remote IP can provide a variety of control room software applications capable of offering review, control and remote management of connected equipment with duplex audio capabilities.

Not confined to single remote fixed locations, our integrated system allows secure bi-directional connectivity from suitably equipped vehicles or smartphone applications.

Vehicle Video Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance systems on board buses, trams, and trains act as an effective deterrent to criminal activity and increase passengers’ and drivers’ sense of safety. Large or small fleets of vehicles , such as school buses, trucks, or security vans are all managed with the same excellent results.

Remote IP’s complete range of video surveillance solutions transmit live high definition footage and continuously records both the inside and outside of the vehicle; in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

Live Body-worn Cameras

Remote IP offers live body-worn cameras with two-way audio, messaging, and GPS location. By using 3/4G, or auto switching to a wireless connection when available, we ensure always having the best quality communication in our secure and accelerated Secure Data Tunnel.  Body-worn cameras can be viewed live using our VMS from vehicles and fixed locations.

Our proprietary body-worn cameras make it possible to view the GPS location and live footage from other devices connected to the Remote IP platform, on their 4-inch screen.

Remote IP App

Remote IP’s app allows for real-time monitoring of CCTV and GPS tracking; it also supports picture-in-picture function. While playing back one channel, you can simultaneously view live video in the same window.

Using a smartphone or tablet, you can view live video or playback recorded video, whenever you need, from wherever you are, all on the Remote IP secure, accelerated, connection.

How does Remote IP work for you?

A video surveillance system installed in security vehicles keeps the situation under constant control, with live images streamed to the control centre along with the vehicle’s GPS position. Should it be necessary, the driver can activate an alarm, and the control centre operator can instantly locate the vehicle, and with the live feed of images from the scene, assess the nature of the emergency and take prompt action.

Remote IP’s unique live streaming capability, with high quality recording technology, and crisp, detailed images, can both detect suspicious behaviour and provide precise information for improving safety and risk management measures.

What are the benefits?

With Remote IP onboard, goods are safer, and your clients are guaranteed the complete peace of mind of a secure WiFi connection while on the move.

Our versatile system can be installed in any type of vehicle; offering effective video surveillance and ensuring the driver’s safety. Live monitoring of all phases of loading and unloading, provides a record of operations, should the quality of your service ever be called into question.

The Remote IP VMS platform is the ideal software solution for centralised management of mobile devices. Remote I{‘s software enables Mobile Video Cameras and Video Recorders to provide precise, smooth, high definition footage in real time, making it easy to reliably track events and movements both inside and outside a vehicle.

The systems are certified EN50155, EN45545 and can therefore be installed in both road and rail vehicles.

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